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Welcome again to the Hoot.

We have had two very busy months and have been implementing two major projects besides our normal day to day tasks.

Surveillance / Camera Installation

Eagle Owl Computers were requested to install a sophisticated surveillance system at an industrial warehouse which has been subjected to numerous break in’s and theft of equipment and infrastructure.

The subsequent installation of professional quality equipment was very successful as is echoed by the completion of the installation. Unofficial feedback is that the client is very satisfied with the installation.

Although we have installed a comprehensive surveillance infrastructure, this is only a deterrent as we can only reduce the risks, not eliminate them.


Wireless Internet Installation

We were also approached to do a major wireless installation at a closed housing complex, to allow fast internet to the houses.

We also supplied high quality equipment which extended the WI-FI signal inside 10 houses.

Subsequently, the clients now have a very stable fibre to the home internet solution as well as excellent Wi-Fi in their homes which allows them to connect their mobiles and laptops to the internet.

This installation was very time consuming, but the end result justified the effort put into it.


On a more serious note. Digital Banking Fraud

It’s discouraging to discover that digital banking fraud in South Africa is at an all-time high and there’s been a steady increase in this trend over the last four years, according to the latest annual SITEisfaction report by insights agency Columinate.

While the 2018 SITEisfaction recorded a marked increase in the awareness of potential fraud and scams across the board, 22% of users still fell victim to these criminals in the last year – up from 19% in 2017; 14% in 2016; and 12% in 2015.

“When it comes to the world of mobile banking, security ought to be the utmost priority and concern – as technological counter-measures evolve, so do criminals,” says Columinate’s co-founder and CEO, Dr Henk Pretorius.

“While a handful of banks did take the initiative to educate their customers on the looming threats, the message is far from reaching saturation in the SA market.”

In the view of Pretorius, the onus is on the banks to create banking platforms that are as secure as they are perceived to be, and to continually remind customers about new and potential threats.

A few new scams made their debut in 2018:

  • About 8% of users fell victim to the “You are a winner” Pay-to-Play scam;
  • About 13% of users fell victim to the advanced “Free Loan”/ “Prequalified Loan or Credit Card” scam;
  • About 4% of users were taken advantage of with the “Request for Help” e-mail fraud – which is regarded the “natural evolution” of the 419-scam – asking for help and promising riches in return;
  • About 6% of users fell victim to the traditional 419-scam;
  • Phishing scams are still a frequent occurrence, with 36% of respondents being targeted, and 7% falling victim to it in the last year.


Hacked website databases.

Many well known online commercial institutions have been compromised/hacked in recent years and the contents of the stolen databases have been posted onto the dark web or sold to various nefarious individuals.


These databases may contain personal details, i.e. email address; unencrypted passwords; ID numbers addresses and even bank/credit card details.

We suggest strongly that you can do a check on your email address to see if your email address is on a site that has been compromised.

You can confirm this by going to the following site namely: www.haveibeenpwned.com

Simply just type in your email address and click on pwned?

If your email address is there, then we strongly advise that you change your passwords for that email address wherever you use it, especially if you use the same password on all other platforms.


Goodbye to one of our Owl Supporters

We were shocked to hear that one of our clients, Angelika de Kock has passed away. She has only been one of our clients for a few months now, but was also an ardent lover of owls, and we were able to take some really great photos of the owls that she has been observing over the years.

May she find peace in the Great Owl Roost in the Sky.

If we don’t see you through the month, we’ll see you through the window.



The Eagle Owl Team