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Hi all

We would like to welcome Elizca to the Eagle Owl Team. Hope we will be walking a long path together.

We have had a few cases where clients have contacted us and have not had a quick response from us.
We would like to encourage you to contact us on our centralized accounts so that we can supply you
with a better line of communication ensure that we can assist you in the best way possible.
By sending an email to the following email address you can rest assured that the email has been
received by everyone in our company and that a quick response will be made.
Email:  helpdesk@eagleowl.co.za
Office: 021 930 6766.

You can also use one of the following email addresses:

  • reception@eagleowl.co.za      –        Reception        ==> Elizca
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  • jan@eagleowl.co.za                –       Technical          ==> Jan and Tristan
  • wilfred@eagleowl.co.za          –        Management    ==> Wilfred

If you would like to contact us directly feel free to dial us, at the number listed above.
Please note, we will be switching over to a PABX system during the course of this month which will
allow you to get hold of us quicker and we will be able to give you even better service.

Hard drive failures and data loss:

What is the life expectancy of hard drives?

The quick answer is “How Long is a piece of string?” As long as you want it.
In other words, how hard and how often does your hard disk drive work?
This critical question should come to mind for every business and individual with valuable data.
Not enough people realize that their hard drive will fail given enough time.
To quote from Chuck Palahniuk’s book, Fight Club,
“On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everything drops to zero.”

And then…. very few people back up their hard drives……….

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) vs Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

The two most popular types of hard drives have different life expectancy.
Hard Disk Drives physically write code onto the hard disk platter.
HDD s have minuscule moving parts inside, but they are more vulnerable to physical failures.
You’ll find HDD s in 90% desktop computers and laptops.
Solid-State Drives use flash technology to save data but they are more expensive,but also more reliable.
There is no moving platter in an SSD however, an SSD still uses a capacitor and power supplies, which can malfunction.

Signs of A Failing Hard Drive

There are numerous subtle signs that your hard drive might be failing:

  • Computer is slowing down
  • Displays a warning for a corrupted data
  • Malware viruses over utilizing hard drive disk
  • Unexpected shutdowns
  • If you notice strange clicking noises coming from your hard drive, you are experiencing a physical failure

Please feel free to contact us to do a free test on your hard drive in our workshop should you experience any of the above-mentioned problems.


Our web designer, Beatrice van Soelen from the company Oonie, has done an excellent job in relocating and re-modelling our website to the Word Page format.
Despite many strange dark unknown technical problems, she persevered and got it fixed and updated. THANKS BEA

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